Not syncing with outlook server, 'login with browser'


not syncing with outlook servers (the IMAP log shows that there is ‘unknown’ lol error and that the server responded with ‘please sign into your browser’.


Email Provider

outlook (not 365, outlook)


  • OS and Version:
    windows 10 Version 10.0.19041, Build 19041 (x64 arm)

    • Installation Method:
      Source via github (by the way, the source on is missing a .dll, jsyk)
  • Mailspring Version:
    1.9.2.[git slug]

Do you have two-factor authentication or something similar set up on the account? Are you connecting by IMAP or the option? Whichever you’re using, have you tried the other?

Hello John,
thank you for taking the time to view and reply to this issue. I attempted to connect via IMAP and outlook/hotmail, however it was some sort of issue connecting to the server, not the connection method (I think… the build may have just had bad code somewhere in tat part…).
i just re-compiled the source on my machine and it works fine (the same release too) so I don’t know why it wasn’t connecting, but regardless this issue is now closed and should be moved to archive.

thank you for your time