Office 365 - ErrorNamespace (IMAP)

Hello everybody,
I can’t figure out the problem with office 365 accounts.
Select Office 365, and Safari, my default browser, opens. I authenticate with my Office 365 account, the authentication is successful and the authorization message appears.
Later though, I get this error message.

ErrorNamespace (IMAP)

What am I doing wrong ? Thank you all

Same error as you. Since a few weeks ago it perfectly worked.

I also downloaded the new version with the hope that it would work, but, although they have fixed the problem on accounts that use IMAP and SMTP, as far as Office 365 is concerned, there is no way to make it work.
I also tried to map Office 365 using IMAP and SMTP but unfortunately it doesn’t work, because I get a different message, where the password doesn’t match. I think in this case the problem is related to two-factor authentication.
It’s a shame because the product is very good in my opinion

There is still a problem… There is no solution yet…
Unfortunately, for Office in Feb 23 trying to setup the program it is a wasting of time.