On syncing w gmail, 2nd level of folders, inside other folders, eg subfolders, don't appear in Mailspring

I am using imap and my gmail account in Mailspring, in Ubuntu. In my gmail account I have folders inside other folders, as per the included image.

In Mailspring every single folder that contains folders, it shows no messages and no folders, as per the included image.

It is not clear to me if others have posted about this problem before, and even if you think you solved it, because a lot of posts talk about nested whatever and then don’t describe what they are talking about, and it is totally unclear what they are talking about. The answers are equally incomprehensible. Whatever they are talking about, and it might be the same thing, is never described other than as “nested folders” and there are no screen shots. And the answers talk about “parent folders” or something whatever the heck that is, and seem to require script writing as well as the ability to speak a foreign language to fix it. In my case the screenshots make it clear that no level of parentage is missing from these folders.

And, it isn’t like the second level of folders appear but not inside the folders they are supposed to be inside of. Mailspring is not seeing them at all.

It further looks as though not all the folders that don’t contain subfolders synced. For instance, the folder Civil War, which contains messages and no folders, did sync. In Mailspring, the folder Civil War contains the messages it is suppsoed to. But the folder Bicycling, which in gmail contains messages and no folders, contains no messages in Mailspring.

The log file is no help, because not only can I not follow it, but when I search for folders that clearly did sync, because the messages did transfer, they are not found, though the log file names some folders by name.

If I’m going to use Mailspring, and not give Mailspring bad reviews and comments everywhere, I need to be able to sync the nested folders. If that is not possible than Mailspring does not work and I won’t be using it, and I do not care what are the whys and wherefores why not.

How can I fix this, please.

If it isn’t fixed, glowing reviewers are going to be getting a piece of my mind. In fact, since I found two other posts that clearly are about the same problem, and one is quite old and got no answer, and others got denials despite the inclusion of a screenshot. if I don’t have those folders working properly by tomorrow night, I’ll uninstall and notify reviewers that you all aren’t addressing this problem, which makes the software unusable.

Dora Smith

PS - after finding massive numbers of posts about the same problem, with no responses and nonresponsive responses from you, not counting the responses written in complete jargon that don’t appear to offer an effective solution, which effectively makes this software unusable, I uninstalled the program so will no longer be fixing it, and made my reports to quite a number of your reviewers. In the process I found a reviewer more honest and conscientious than the rest, who reported that Mailspring customer service is absolutely terrible. I guess that must be for your paying customers, as apparently THIS is your idea of customer service for everyone else. I’ll dutifully report it - but I’m hardly holding my breath, and since I doubt you’re going to respond at all I’ll certainly not be checking back every minute.

Since you do do actual business with many customers, after I don’t hear from you for two days I’ll do a review with the Better Business Bureau. If this post disappears that will be didn’t hear from you in two days. But I bet you won’t even take the time to read it.