Opening one type of mail lags and freeze, regex issue?


During loading one type of mails, from Yammer, from one of the group, Mailspring hangs for ~7 seconds. This is simple mail and Yammer notifications from other persons works well, only from just one person always causing the issue. Screenshot of mail and performance record below.

To Reproduce…
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
need to open my mail :slight_smile: I can forward it to someone or test regex with raw mail data

Expected Behavior
mails open as fast as rest of mails


  • OS and Version: Manjaro with 5.10.18-1-MANJARO kernel and KDE 5.21.1
    • Installation Method: snapcraft
  • Mailspring Version: 1.8.0-8983dca2

BTW sorry for not using the #- it’s treated as links and new users are limited to only 2 links

Linking the PR:

Should be closed by now. Thanks for that, @mdepa91 !

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