Option for keeping notifications at Notification Center (Windows 10)

What I want is the possibility to keep the notification on Action Center (Notification center) of Windows 10, as if you did not read the proper pop-up, it is lost. I tried also changing the notifications settings for keeping Mailspring notifications on Notification Center but it is not working.

It exists both Microsoft Outlook and native mail app.

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Hey! Thanks for filing this - this definitely seems like a good improvement. I’ll study how the native mail app’s notifications work a bit and see if that’s something we can do.

Tagging this one as a good first issue. If someone has a Windows machine and wants to dig in to Mailspring, the notifications are currently posted via the standard HTML5 API here: Mailspring/native-notifications.ts at 4b6c24fefa270d29ee5733d66f0885aae4e6e4e1 · Foundry376/Mailspring · GitHub, and we may be able to change our use of tag IDs to get the behavior we want.

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It might have something to do with this: Send a local toast notification from Win32 C++ WRL apps - UWP applications | Microsoft Docs

You must implement a handler for toast activation, so that when the user clicks on your toast, your app can do something. This is required for your toast to persist in Action Center (since the toast could be clicked days later when your app is closed).

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