Option to disable *italics* which make it hard to write math

When I’m trying to type out math equations in emails, I will most often need to use a couple *s. When I do this, it removes the *s and makes the text between them italic. I’d love if I could disable this behavior as it much harder to do my work.

(Originally posted by psivesely on GitHub.)

Hey @ **psivesely — thanks for reporting this! I actually had never thought about the math use case. I’ll see if we can add an option for this in a release later this year!

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

I’m writing some technical emails at the moment and am hitting a similar issue when trying to write out some wildcards.

(Originally posted by AndrewCarvalho on GitHub.)

I also support this feature request. It is quite cumbersome to write technical emails or code snippets which contain math. Given that we also have the ctrl + I ability for italics, it isnt a big loss (for me at least) to not have italics

(Originally posted by CharlesCossette on GitHub.)

This would be great. I have been struggling with this for a long time…