Option to show attachments at the top of email

It would be very helpful to have the option to see documents that were attached to a received email below the header but above the message itself rather than at the bottom of the email.

The current behavior of Mailspring is the same as (and the reason why I don’t use) Apple Mail. Attachments are important for my workflow, and making sure that I don’t miss an attached document is one of the most important features of a mail program. Outlook shows attachments below the email information and above the message body as I am suggesting. Another useful implementation that I’ve seen is Postbox shows them in the sidebar. Either works great.

Thank you for considering!

(Originally posted by readsquirrel on GitHub.)

Hey! I actually haven’t seen this before but it seems like a great idea. I imagine we’d want to make the display of attachments a bit “narrower” than it currently is when they’re shown at the bottom of the message, but I like it.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

That’s great news. Narrow/smaller styling makes sense, but there’s less of a need to see the small preview at the top, I think. Thank you!

(Originally posted by readsquirrel on GitHub.)

The problem with the current way is that it sometimes takes literally ages of scrolling when you have loooong messages (or those that fail to cut out previous messages, hence show the whole bloody conversation in a long towel). Showing attachments at the top in a neat and compact way would be quite helpful.

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I second this feature request. When the thread is too long, you see your attachments at the bottom and there is a chance you will simply overlook the attachment. This happened to me several times already…