OSX Text Replacement support

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Hello. Just started using your mail app. I’ve always used Outlook or Mail and they support the Text Replacement. It doesn’t seem to work for MailSpring. It’s quite useful for iPhone texting, iPad email etc.

(Originally posted by story1234 on GitHub.)

Hey! Oh this is cool—I haven’t really seen anyone use this macOS feature like this before. I’ll see if we can add support for these text expansions soon.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

As a user, I would like to be able to enter short abbreviations for common email closings and have them expand to full phrases. Preferably, these abbreviations/phrases would be editable so I could edit/add/remove them according to my preferences.

  • On MacOS, this is a system-wide feature that works in Apple Mail. For example, in Swedish, I’m able to close my email with “mvh” and have this abbreviation automatically expand to “Med vänliga hälsningar” which is a common email closing in Sweden. This expansion takes place instantenously, as soon as the abbreviation is detected. This doesn’t work in Mailspring however (perhaps because it being an Electron app?)

  • On Linux, I have yet to found a working software that replicates this functionality.

(Originally posted by mimavox on GitHub.)

Hey! That’s interesting—I’m surprised the default expansions don’t work on macOS. It looks like it is an Electron thing, but we can potentially get the default behavior with the help of GitHub - CharlieHess/electron-text-substitutions: Substitute text in an input field based on macOS System Text Preferences (at least on mac.),but it’s implemented in a bit of a heavyweight way we’d need to retool for the composer. Will see if this can happen soon!

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)