Outgoing SMTP Email not saved in Sent when it has an attachment


I’m using Mailspring with an IMAP/SMTP account. For most emails, everything works fine. When I sent an email with an attachment, however, it seems to be delivered successfully (see below), but does not show up in the ‘Sent’ folder. Neither in Mailspring itself nor on other clients accessing the mail server. There seems to be no record of whether the email has been sent or not.

When using clients other than Mailspring with the same configuration, everything works as expected.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Compose and sent an Email that has any attachment.
  2. Wait for “sending message…” to finish and hear success-sound.
  3. Check ‘Sent’ folder

Expected Behavior

After sending, the email is shown in ‘Sent’ and synchronized to the mailbox’s Sent folder on the mail server.


After sending 7 emails to another one of my email accounts

  • (with/without attachments)
  • from Mailspring / Thunderbird / my provider’s webclient I get the following results:
    (I accidentally called email 4 “email 1” again)

Note: the receiving mailbox is on a different mail-server and does not use Mailspring at all.

In the receiving account:

In the sending account:
(Mailspring shown, but looks the same in thunderbird / web client):


  • OS and Version: Windows 10 Pro 1909
  • Mailspring Version: 1.7.8-13635bcf

Additional Context

Happens with an IMAP/SMTP account. Not tested with other providers.

I started using Mailspring a few days ago and have been really loving it so far, but this is, unfortunately, a dealbreaker for me as I lose records of important messages.

(Originally posted by heidekrueger)
Confirmed by another user.


FYI, after updating to 1.8.0-8983dca2, I no longer seem to be having this problem.

There was one other user who confirmed the bug on the old thread on github, it might be worth checking in with them!

Excited to see a lot of new activity, thanks for your effort in maintaining the free version of mailspring!

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Same problem with roundcube mail.

Xubuntu - Mailspring 1.8.0-8983dca2


Thanks for confirming this bug is still a problem in 1.8.0, @233mhz!

Just two questions:

  1. Did you install via snapcraft or .deb?
  2. I assume from the mention of Roundcube that the affected email account is just an ordinary IMAP?
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Install via .deb

Roundcube mail IMAP


Same for me.

Here is log:

21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:22.934] [foreground] [info] - Sending draft B946AA5F-E3C6-4896-845F-9803D8C3A040@getmailspring.com
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:22.934] [foreground] [info] – Identified sent folder: Sent
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:22.992] [foreground] [info] – Sending a single message body to all recipients:
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:23.199] [foreground] [info] – No messages found. Sleeping 1 to wait for sent folder to settle…
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:24.213] [foreground] [info] – No messages found. Sleeping 1 to wait for sent folder to settle…
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:25.218] [foreground] [info] – No messages found. Sleeping 2 to wait for sent folder to settle…
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:27.236] [foreground] [info] – No messages matching the message-id were found in the Sent folder.
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:27.236] [foreground] [info] – Placing a new message with self body in the sent folder.
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:27.238] [foreground] [error] -X IMAP Error: ErrorConnection. Could not place a message into the Sent folder. This means no metadata will be attached!
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:27.267] [foreground] [info] [local-86faf821-e280] – Succeeded. Changing status to complete
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:57.271] [foreground] [info] syncFolderChangesViaCondstore - INBOX: modseq 24235 to 0, uidnext 32037 to 0
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:57.271] [foreground] [warning] syncFolderChangesViaCondstore - request limited to 1-*, remaining changes will be detected via deep scan
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:57.306] [foreground] [info] syncFolderChangesViaCondstore - Changes since HMODSEQ 24235: 0 changed, 0 vanished
21752 [2021-10-26 18:34:57.307] [foreground] [info] Idling on folder INBOX