Outlook login failing


Outlook login through my institution is not working despite getting a message with a github logo that everything is set.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Add account
  2. Click outlook
  3. (Web browser opens with microsoft)
  4. (Click my account)
  5. (github log shows up)
  6. Get an error message in mailspring client

Expected Behavior

Expected it to work? It was working for the last several months… all of a sudden it doesn’t work.
Apple Mail works… so I don’t think it’s institution blocking something…



Mac OS 12.6
Version 1.10.7 (1.10.7)

Additional Context

I was using them just fine for several months. all of a sudden started to never finish caching.
So I was trying to resync and deleted cache.
Then it never got any email back.
So i deleted the account and tried to re-add but i could never re-add.