Per-account / mailbox notification settings

I have 5 mailboxes. I’d love the ability to turn off notifications on a per-mailbox basis. I have a couple mailboxes that are used as spam accounts and I don’t want to be notified for those.

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We definitely need to get this implemented. I have 11 accounts connected to Mailspring (for testing) and a few of them drive me crazy - would love to turn off notificaitons!

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Can I suggest that not only we can turn off notifications, but change the sound for some accounts? I would love to have a distinct sound for some of the most important accounts, so I still get notified by the others but I know I can just ignore them.

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I’d really like to be able to change the notification settings and sounds on a per-account basis too.

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Additionally, I’d like to be able to scheulde different notifications per account.

For example my work email I would only set to notify me Mon-Fri 9-6, but personal I’d set to evenings and weekends only.

That should be a separate feature suggestion, although you’re welcome to include a link to this one as a related topic.

Have done thanks - Per account notification schedules

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I recently started using mailspring and this is a very important feature for me, any update on this?


I recently migrated to mailspring as well and am shocked that this hasn’t been implemented yet. What is the status? I have multiple email accounts that I like to check periodically, but don’t want notifications because of TONS of daily spam emails. But I want ALL notifications for my work email. I love everything about Mailspring, but this is honestly a deal breaker for me :frowning:

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