Per-Account/Per-Folder Sync / Scan / Cache Settings


I’m one of those email users with a HUGE amount of emails.
It took a few days time for Mailspring to scan my mail history and then to cache my main inbox.

I’ve seen that you’re developing an option to cache longer / shorter time than 3 months, however I’d like to be able to disable scanning/caching per IMAP account folder.

Would that be doable?

(Originally posted by sommarnatt on GitHub.)

It would be great to be able to choose which folders to sync locally. Using an IMAP account that is more than 10gb, the vast majority of it archived, I don’t need all of that sync’d locally.

Not sure if it exists as an option in a desktop client, though Canary (the OS X mail app) seems to do it automatically — meaning, doesn’t appear to sync the full folder if I’m not accessing it. Most mail apps on mobile phones include this option, however — including options to sync “Full Folder,” “None,” or something time-dependent, such as “Last Week” or “Last Month”.

Thanks for the work so far!

(Originally posted by Fivelfivel on GitHub.)

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Currently, mailspring syncs every folder. Including Trash, Spam, and other folders i don’t NEED to sync (until i manually open them).

How to prevent sync on certain folders? This causes sync to take too long, and consumes my internet bandwidth. Plz allow to select sync folders!

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I’d like to configure a list of folders for Mailspring to ignore. Not seeing any IMAP folder subscription management ability in the UI at the moment.

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