Persistent ‘Syncing Mailbox’ Issue Preventing Email Creation


I’m using Mailspring and encountering an issue when trying to create an email. Each time I attempt to start a new email, the application only shows a loading icon with the message “Your mailbox is being synchronized”, and this persists without change. This issue is preventing me from sending emails, which is critical for my work.

I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions for resolving this issue. Has anyone else experienced something similar or knows a potential fix?

Thank you in advance!

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I haven’t heard of this particular issue, and haven’t seen it myself. Can you help us to help you by including some other details? Such as:

  • What type of operating system are you using (Windows/Mac/Linux/etc.)?
  • What mail service(s) do you use?
  • Are you new to Mailspring, or has it worked for you in the past?
  • If you’re new to Mailspring: Has your full mailbox loaded yet, or is it still syncing? (How many emails do you have in your account, etc.)?

I’ve been experiencing these same syncing issues. I just sent a support request using the old Zendesk system only to get an email saying it’s been phased out in favor of this Discourse system.

Is there anyone over at Mailspring working on fixing these syncing issues? Email is critical to my business operations as well and these problems eat into my workflow.

I’ve attached screenshots of the different error messages I’ve been getting.

Mailspring is pretty much unusable for me right now. It’s perpetually in a state of a broken with syncing issues. Any updates?

Can you provide your logs? The might show what is the problem.

  1. Go to your Mailspring User Directory:
    • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Mailspring
    • Windows: C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Roaming\Mailspring
    • Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/Mailspring or ~/.config/Mailspring
  2. Look for the file mailsync-xxxxxxxx.log wheras the xxxxxxxx denote the internal id of your e-mail account
  3. Attach the file here

Here’s the latest log from my system:

mailsync-81fc241e.log (1.0 MB)

Update from today (March 21st)
Here’s the error message I keep getting:

Mailspring has been a true productivity booster for me. Is there anyone actively working to address these issues? I understand maintaining, improving, and handling user requests for an application of this size is a huge undertaking. My biggest concern is that these problems are not being addressed at all and are likely to remain unfixed.

Signing up for Pro has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. I’d hate to have to stop using Mailspring due to problems like this going unaddressed. I’d happily pay more, even on the order of 6x more ($50/month) if it meant ensuring Mailspring can operate and even scale up its developer team.

If someone from the team was actively responding to our concerns, then I believe we’d all be more patient. But it’s like Discourse is being used to triage and put off the need to human interactions.

Can someone please give us a status update?

Hi @david-gagne ,

I definitely found some exceptions in the logs that you provided. However as this is part of the sync part where I don’t have any knowledge.

I will ping the maintainer about this issue.

Cheers Phylu