Picture Placeholder Box

Hi There,

I recently started using mailspring and have been setting up my email signatures however, I am unable to add an image as I do not get the placeholder box on my computer, only the option for http.

Can someone help

Can you share exactly the steps you are following and what you see? It’s definitely possible to get images into your signature - I’ve done it myself for e.g. Twitter logo.

Hi John,

I am clicking in Preferences, then to signatures. I fill out all the boxes and when i het to the bottom subject, Picture, I click on custom image but i do not get the box, only the line with Http to fill out. I have followed the same steps as my supervisor but he has managed to get the box.

Hmm. I see the same as you - a field to enter the URL of the image you want to include in the sig. I’ve never seen anything else. Is your supervisor on the same operating system and Mailspring version as you? And do they have a Pro account or are you both on free?

As a workaround, you can place the image you want to include onto the web (e.g. Dropbox or Drive) and put its sharing URL into that field. The image will then show up in your email sig. (This is effectively what I’ve done.) This method also makes your emails smaller, because you’re not attaching an image to every email you send.

Cheers for the advise John. My supervisor and myself are both on free version although he is running on mac, I am on windows. I will give your workaround a try.