Please use WinGet Releaser

Mailspring is already available on Winget (Foundry376.Mailspring) and it seems up to date, but would it be possible to use WinGet Releaser to make future versions automatically available on Winget?

(As of yet, Winget does not have the ability to carry out such automation natively: Auto generate manifests for newer versions · Issue #500 · microsoft/winget-pkgs · GitHub)

Thanks to vedantmgoyal2009 efforts, Mailspring now is automatically updated on Winget, but this isn’t ideal because:

  • Sometimes automation may go offline for maintenance, hence it is better to use GitHub Action. It is also easier to maintain and implement new features in the action. All apps use the latest manifest schema and fields.

  • Automation is generally preferred for non-GitHub packages (meaning: software which are hosted on GitHub) that cannot take advantage of the GitHub Action.

  • Since all GitHub API requests are authenticated with my account, using action distrubutes the amount of traffic on GitHub. The action is triggered automatically on releases, so we don’t need to fetch APIs or scrape webpages to check for updates periodically, and PRs are created with the software’s developer account.

  • Microsoft prefers publishers managing releases for their apps themselves instead of a third party. It isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, note the word “prefers” here.