Poll: Fresh/Stable Release Channels

Community Feedback Needed!

When Mailspring 1.9.0/1.9.1, the community quickly found a number of major bugs. This is somewhat to be expected, especially with something as complex as an email client, but we’re also aware that it detracts from the user experience as a whole.

We are considering switching to a new release workflow, wherein a new release is published to a fresh branch/channel first. After a few weeks of real-world use testing, it could be promoted to a stable branch/channel.

However, this approach would only work if we had enough members of the community willing to use the fresh version as their normal email client! Thus, we want to probe community interest. Please vote!

Vote Now!

Would you be willing to use fresh (beta) releases of Mailspring as your regular email client, to help us test new releases and catch bugs more quickly?
  • Yes, I’d use fresh releases.
  • No, I’d rather stick with stable releases.

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Well, I don’t know how to vote because I would like that there would be a fresh and stable channel, so I could opt to stay on the stable channel most of the time, except if there is a particular feature in fresh I would be interested in (like fixing the Windows tray icon :P).


If “Fresh releases” means that once I can lost all emails, then I’d prefer “Stable”.


I am using Mspring for a new business so I can’t afford to risk bugs impacting my emails & (hopefully soon) calendar entries as they are crucial to my business as like many, I have been forced to move to a largely virtual world which frankly, I do not like as it tends to eliminate the personal interaction which is one of my strong points and a major contributor to my past successes.

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I use Mailspring for my business, but have been unable to stay authenticated since changing one of my gmail passwords. I’ll be happy to test a beta, hoping that it will eventually keep me logged into both gmail accounts as opposed to having to keep two gmail browser windows going. If it loses stuff, it’s still in my gmail…

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