Poll: Fresh/Stable Release Channels

Community Feedback Needed!

When Mailspring 1.9.0/1.9.1, the community quickly found a number of major bugs. This is somewhat to be expected, especially with something as complex as an email client, but we’re also aware that it detracts from the user experience as a whole.

We are considering switching to a new release workflow, wherein a new release is published to a fresh branch/channel first. After a few weeks of real-world use testing, it could be promoted to a stable branch/channel.

However, this approach would only work if we had enough members of the community willing to use the fresh version as their normal email client! Thus, we want to probe community interest. Please vote!

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Would you be willing to use fresh (beta) releases of Mailspring as your regular email client, to help us test new releases and catch bugs more quickly?
  • Yes, I’d use fresh releases.
  • No, I’d rather stick with stable releases.

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Well, I don’t know how to vote because I would like that there would be a fresh and stable channel, so I could opt to stay on the stable channel most of the time, except if there is a particular feature in fresh I would be interested in (like fixing the Windows tray icon :P).


If “Fresh releases” means that once I can lost all emails, then I’d prefer “Stable”.


I am using Mspring for a new business so I can’t afford to risk bugs impacting my emails & (hopefully soon) calendar entries as they are crucial to my business as like many, I have been forced to move to a largely virtual world which frankly, I do not like as it tends to eliminate the personal interaction which is one of my strong points and a major contributor to my past successes.

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I use Mailspring for my business, but have been unable to stay authenticated since changing one of my gmail passwords. I’ll be happy to test a beta, hoping that it will eventually keep me logged into both gmail accounts as opposed to having to keep two gmail browser windows going. If it loses stuff, it’s still in my gmail…


You’re braver than me Viola.
Been a long time since I used a desktop email client.
So yeah, not mission critical for me, but agree that if desktop stuff is lost, still got it in gmail, as another use case for beta.


Especially if hint, hint a beta might include an option for manual optimization. As it is, I get a 30 second delay for optimisation. Plenty of room, fresh 1tb ssd, 8gb ram (a bit on low side but still) - manual option pretty please devs?

ta, muchly

Did a search here but no mention of ‘join beta’?
Or even beta, much outside of this post.
Couldn’t see beta option in the app*
Probably missed something?

*win10 desktop | 1tb ssd 8gb ram

Any updates?
Happy to beta but be even happier to have a client with stronger search options.
Full text search is one option that would really help.
At the moment, old emails do not download.
Just headers and subject etc
Or is that option in Pro?

There probably will be a beta version soon, but most likely snap only. So unfortunately not for windows.

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With Arch, rolling releases is what I live for.
Fresh releases would be ok, as we can always roll back.


what does it mean snap only ?

snap is a certain way of packaging software for Linux. See:

I would not use a “fresh off the trunk” channel but I would use a pre-release version that’s fairly stable and at least doesn’t have any data-integrity issues.

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I don’t worry too much about unstable releases breaking the system, because I use btrfs instead of ext4 file system with Timeshift and autsnapshots enabled. Each snapshot is added to the GRUB menu for easy restoration.

I’m someone who uses Mailspring as my primary for all mail addresses and sometimes for time-critical and important multi-mail mailboxes, and I personally say to stick to stable, and if not, allow the disablement of “fresh” dev releases as an option. At the end of the day, I believe Mailspring should be open to all - not just developers and creative-types who like to be on the bleeding edge. I personally set and forget Mailspring on stable (I have a secondary on beta - “fresh”), and still have many issues happen that require a full Mailspring data wipe, imagine if someone like my tech-illiterate manager, who too uses Mailspring from my recommendation, was to use it? I had to teach them some of the most basic things, like uploading videos to youtube, nevermind the issues bleeding-edge Mailspring would provide.

Tl;dr: I love the idea of fresh being the default, I’d use fresh as default, but keep it as stable for default, and fresh for people who know what they’re doing and thus have no issue accessing the option to enable it. Keep the software accessible to all, than make a drastic change such as this and restrict the usage to developers and more-knowledgeable types, with the general public as a secondary thought.

I misread the entire post like a moron, yes I’d be willing to use it as my primary!


You are going to eventaully need one, especially for windows 11