Pop!_OS theme for Mailspring


A dark theme for Mailspring, inspired by Pop!_OS colours



  1. download the theme from GitHub.
  2. unzip
  3. click Edit > install theme and select the unzip folder
  4. enjoy


Since this is a dark theme, it is necessary to modify the style of email messages to be displayed correctly. For this reason I reused the code from a Predawn Mailspring theme. So all the credits go to asparc.

I absolutely love it! Thanks!

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Hi @knussear, I am happy you are enjoying the theme.


Good job bro! Thanks a lot!

I am happy you like the theme :wink:

I just installed the theme and I’m very happy with it! Is there a way I can put the email subject underneath the sender as seen in your screenshot? My inbox looks different. Thanks!

Hi @dbarr , I am glad you like the theme :wink: What operating system are you using? I am on PopOS and I didn’t do anything. I suppose this might be OS specific?
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This is a wonderful piece of art! I always find myself admiring your choice of colours and shades. This is very good.

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Hi @jojorov, many thanks for you kind words. I am happy you like the theme :wink:
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