Possibility of using labels with Fastmail account?

I’m a Fastmail user and am trying Mailspring in OSX. Fastmail enables organizing ones emails via both folders and labels; it is possible to switch back and forth from one to the other. The nice thing about labels, of course, is that a given email can be assigned multiple labels whereas only one folder can be assigned per email.

I understand that Mailspring supports labels when connecting to Gmail accounts. Do I surmise correctly that there is no way for me to configure Mailspring to use labels with my Fastmail account and that I’m therefore stuck using folders?

Hi there, are there any answers on this? I’m having the same issue; I’d love to use Mailspring with my Fastmail address and use labels just like in GMail. However, labels under Fastmail won’t show up / get synced to Mailspring. Is there a workaround or solution?