Privacy policy concerns/opt out and no M1 universal build


I’m sorry if this is in the incorrect category, but my issue stems from multiple categories. I sent an email to regarding my concerns with the privacy policy/metadata collection on June 27 and I have yet to receive a response. In addition, I feel like I was misled as there is no universal build available for M1 and that’s really the only reason why I paid for the Pro subscription again, because the wording on GitHub made me believe that there was already universal builds being created (Similar to this comment on this thread: )

As such, I wanted to reach out to request a refund for the Pro subscription until universal builds are going to be made.

The email that I sent regarding the privacy policy concerns is in its entirety below:


After reading through your privacy policy, I have some concerns. Is there any way to opt out of metadata collection as well as the collection of my PII? I didn’t really like the fact that you had to sign up for an ID in order to use the email client, but I was willing to look past that. However, I am extremely concerned about the metadata collection. You say you don’t read our emails, headers, etc. but can you actually prove that? Also, is there anyway to completely disable the sidebar? I know you can hide it, but I would like it completely disabled so that it wasn’t reading any of my email, including sender name/email address, etc. I really enjoy your application, so much so that I paid for the Pro subscription, but if I don’t get my worries eased, I may have to look elsewhere.

Looking forward to hearing from you.