Pro Account Removal?

How do I remove my existing pro account? I don’t want my cc charged next month. So please get back to me before the end of the month.

Hi @marathon,

If you go to the settings in mailspring, you have a tab “Subscription”. There you should be able to go to the mailspring subscription page to cancel it.

I hope, this helps.

I see you’ve got the real answer. When less reputable companies make it harder to do, I change my billing information to a valid Visa/MasterCard gift card so that any small charge verifications work, and then drain the card grocery shopping before the next billing cycle so the payment bounces.

Well, as indicated in my original post, Mailspring is no longer installed on that workstation. I had problems with some newer lib or needed app wasn’t the right version so Mailspring wouldn’t launch. So, I couldn’t do anything with my account.
I must say I’m pretty disappointed with the support I’ve received. Nothing official, it seems. If this is the kind of support one can expect with a PAID account, then no, thanks.
I was billed once again - Mailspring needs to do a better job, I should be able to do administrivia like this on my online account with Mailspring FFS!

@marathon I am sorry, I did not get this from your original post. You can log in and unsubscribe here: Mailspring

I hope, this is what you expected.

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Thanks, I decided to stay and keep the pro option! I have an issue however:
I have 2 Gmail accounts in Mailspring. The second account, won’t allow me to delete anything. Any ideas?
I tried deleting the account and re-adding it, didn’t help.

Very strange. I have two different GMail accounts added and both work properly.

Maybe it helps to clean your local Mailspring Cache as follows:

  • Go to Preferences > Accounts
  • Click on “Rebuild Cache”
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Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it didn’t help.