Pro Subscription not shown in Mailspring

Hi Dinesh,
The OS is Ubuntu 22.04. Mailspring installed via SNAP.
However, I don’t think the problem has anything to do with the App. When I login to my mailspring account, Mailspring using, it indicates I’m a Basic user and queries if I want to upgrade to Pro. However, my credit card is being billed for Pro. I was at Pro level a couple of months ago and have not changed that. I have rebuilt my system since then and reinstalled the Mailspring App but I can’t see how that could possibly have messed up my account??? If I’m billed again I’ll contact my credit card company and let them know it’s an unauthorized charge. I like Mailspring though and would like to continue to use it.

Dinesh, Naw, it’s not that I want to upgrade, it’s that I’m being billed as if I have upgraded but I’m not getting the benefit of it. That is, I’m paying for Pro but not getting it.

@erbuell You just posted your problem in the thread that described a different problem. Therefore, I have split your topic from it.

Can you try to go to the “Preferences” → “Subscription” and log out of your Mailspring ID, then log in again. Does this solve your issue?

I tried what you suggested, logging out via the app’s preferences->subscription screen, and logged back in. Unfortunately, it’s still indicates I’m a basic user and offers to upgrade me to pro.

Hi Eric, thanks for reaching out - It looks like you may have two Mailspring ID accounts. I’ll send you an email with a bit more information. Thanks for being a Mailspring user!