Problem with snooze & connection issue

I am not able to use snooze in 163 mail.image
Besides, “Mailspring offline” comes up frequently and last for long time. Reopening Mailspring or having a stable network cannot solve it. Hope anyone know how to deal with or fix these problems.

Can you share the operating system version and Mailspring version? Also, how you installed Mailspring? And do you have the Pro subscription (which is required for Snooze functionality, I believe)?

Other than that, it sounds like there’s a connectivity problem - Mailspring can’t reliably connect to the mail server (hence the frequent “offline” issue). The specific issue in your screenshot sounds like it might be that the folder ‘Mailspring/Snoozed’ hasn’t been created for your account - I’ve seen some people report this problem elsewhere on this forum. If the folder isn’t there, Mailspring will have problems snoozing.

Thanks for your reply
I use macOS Big Sur and the version of Mailspring is 1.9.2(installed from the official website). I do have the Pro subscription(it works well on my gmail). I also saw the similar thread which I believe is the same problem and I am trying to figure out whether it can be solved.