Protonmail: All emails disappear from inbox (and reappear, then disappear again...)

same issue here! A fix would be highly appreciated

I solved this by disabling local cache on the Proton Mail Bridge app.

Restart of the bridge is required.

I tried your procedure @maximgx. Unfortunately that did not solve the problem for me.

Yes, for some reason, it only worked for me for a while, then the problem returned @aseedb .

Now however, when I hit F5 a couple of time all the emails appear. But when I restart the app have to hit again F5 until it shows.

@maximgx Yes in my case it also keeps reappearing after a while. But I can see that protonmail bridge is generating a huge network traffic. I think it keeps downloading the mailbox again and again.

I have the same issue with protonmail, disabling the cache on proton bridge didn’t help. I have to keep hitting F5 to see my email and the most annoying part is when you are trying to write a reply and it keeps disappearing.
Is this really not solved by now since 2017?

I cannot use Mailspring until this ProtonMail issue is reliably resolved - which is a great pity, since it seems excellent.

I am also bringing the issue up with ProtonMail.

Replying here to see updates on this issue, please!