Protonmail problem with mailsync process


currently my Proton mailbox is no longer synchronized.

going to recover the logs I think the problem is related to this error during the sync.

59936 [2022-08-01 09:13:15.564] [main] [info] Identity created at 1659040216 - using ID Schema 1
59936 [2022-08-01 09:13:15.565] [main] [info] ------------- Starting Sync ( ---------------
59936 [2022-08-01 09:13:15.571] [metadata] [info] Metadata delta stream starting...
59936 [2022-08-01 09:13:16.113] [metadata] [info] Metadata delta stream closed.
59936 [2022-08-01 09:13:16.673] [metadata] [info] Will retry in 3 sec.
59936 [2022-08-01 09:13:17.575] [background] [info] Marking all folders as `busy`
59936 [2022-08-01 09:13:17.576] [background] [info] Syncing folder list...
59936 [2022-08-01 09:13:17.724] [background] [error] Could not create Mailspring container folder: Mailspring. ErrorSubscribe
59936 [2022-08-01 09:13:17.897] [background] [error] Could not create required Mailspring folder: Mailspring/Snoozed. ErrorSubscribe
59936 [2022-08-01 09:13:17.898] [background] [critical] 
*** Mailspring Sync 
*** A C++ exception occurred during program execution: 
*** UNIQUE constraint failed:

59936 [2022-08-01 09:13:18.414] [background] [critical] *** Stack trace (line numbers are approximate):
*** in mailsync     exceptions::logCurrentExceptionWithStackTrace()
*** in mailsync     runBackgroundSyncWorker()
*** in mailsync     main::$_6::operator()() const
*** in mailsync     void* __thread_proxy(void*)
*** 0x7ff80bbfcf6b  thread_start()

in fact, all the folders remain in scanning but it never ends the operation.

is there anything i can do to fix it or do i need a code-side fix?


Same issue here. My Error Logs looks similar. (Could not create required Mailspring folder)

I have the same issue. I get the same error messages in the log. Yet when I log on protonmail web interface, I can see that a folder “Mailspring” and a folder “Mailspring/Snoozed” were created. I wonder if the problem is due to the fact that it is not possible to create nested folders in protonmail.

EDIT: Issue solved. In the protonmail web interface you can actually create nested folders. You need to go to parameters → folders and labels. There you create a new folder and name it “Mailspring”. Afterwards, you create another new folder and name it “Snooze” and you select “Mailspring” as parent folder. After this is done, you can reconfigure the account in Mailspring and it will work.