Quick Rules from mail list

The Problem

I’m a heavy user of labels/folders; I like to get recurring email that isn’t of a high importance out of my inbox so I can automatically filter the noise from the signal. Often while processing my inbox, I need to create rules quickly based on the sender and apply labels, skip the inbox. I want to be able to quickly add mailbox rules from the composition page so that I don’t need to go through the full, (more powerful) process of copying the sender, opening settings, going to the rules page, setting it up etc.

Proposed Solution

A context menu option to create a “quick rule” of some kind would be fantastic, especially if I could configure how that context option works. It could open a small wizard or dialog box that I can use to quickly craft the rule.


One thing I really like about the Gmail interface is that I can quickly navigate it via keyboard shortcuts, so the creation of the filter rule while I’m reading my email is extremely efficient. That would be very nice to have in Mailspring.