Quick Unsubscribe from Lists

The Problem

Could mailspring off a “Quick Unsubscribe” for emails which contain an unsubscribe url included in their headers? A quick action for this common thing makes maintaining a sane mailbox much easier.


Outlook on Android (at least) has this. Sparkmail, Windows Mail app, etc do not however.

(Originally posted by pgebheim on GitHub.)

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Hey! This is a great idea and something we’re hoping to do soon. There’s been a bit of work on it in the past (as an external plugin), but we’re revisiting the implementation of that to tie it into the client more closely. (The plugin version came with some performance downsides because it had to request additional headers from the mail server for each email in your mailbox.) Stay tuned!

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

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I was thinking of doing it in a plug-in myself but it wasn’t obvious that the headers existed so I didn’t keep digging.

Good to hear!

(Originally posted by pgebheim on GitHub.)

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I think this would be a cool feature, noting that it got praise in the NYTimes article on Superhuman.

Going through the article, seems like the only feature Mailspring is missing, except the price tag :wink:

(Originally posted by ted-gould on GitHub.)

I started working on this feature here:

I plan to start with parsing the Unsubscribe Links from the e-mail messages first in order to prevent the additional requests for the full headers as described by @bengotow.

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I am making progess on this feature and have a first design preview and oriented myself at the event reply feature. I am looking for feedback which of the two options you think is better (@bengotow @CodeMouse92).

Option 1 – Icon button beside the header text:

Option 2 – Unsubscribe text button below the header text:

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That’s difficult to say. Personally, I prefer the Big Friendly Button (option 2), but I’d also be wary of clicking it accidentally. If you went with that version, you’d really need a confirmation dialog.

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The PR has been merged and will be included in the next release. Please open a new issue here, should you encounter any problems with this new feature.