Recognise Common Nicknames/Titles for Recipient

Loving Mailspring so far! One suggestion: Mailspring flags emails beginning with “Hi XXX” being sent to recipients whose name is not exactly XXX. This can make for incorrect flags in two common cases:

  • For nicknames - ie, emailing Joseph Shmoseph, at, but greeting him with “Hi Joe”
  • For titles - greeting Joseph from above with “Hi Professor” if he teaches my class.

This change seems straightforward to an outsider like me, but if this idea has been discussed before and is unworkable, let me know.

(Originally posted by flanagansteve on GitHub.)

Ahh that would be really cool! I think that the “incorrect recipient name” warning is a little rough around the edges. Now that we support contact management we might be able to do a better job of this soon since we could save other acceptable titles to the contact card. Going to tie this to our contacts feature for tracking!

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

Related (but distinct) feature suggestion:

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