Make composer recipient name warnings optional / add "don't warn me again" option

I want to send mails to many different people. Sometime when I am writing mails to Christoph or Julia oder info@ starting with Hello Chris or Hi Julie oder dear Doris I am asked if I am really sure and want to send anyway.

Asking once is a nice (but unnecessary) feature. Asking once per name is too much. And asking every single time I write an email to Chris oder Julie is absolutely annoying.

Please provide an option to disable this (and other) warnings (in settings and in the warning itself like “Never warn me again for Chris” and “Never warn me againg”

(Originally posted by intradesign on GitHub.)

Hey! Ahh this is a great idea. I think we should definitely make it so you can disable the warning for a particular recipient email address using a “Never again for Chris” option.

This would be a great first patch for someone interested in contributing! Right now, these warnings are built in DraftSession::validateDraftForSending and the code looks for common English salutations (eg: Hey (name),) and then checks that the name is one of the recipients. Right now, the warnings are all bundled together and displayed as a single string. So it might say “Are you sure you want to send to Ben who does not appear to be a recipient, and without a subject line?”

I think we might need to break the naming warnings out into a separate validateDraftRecipients step which gets to display it’s own separate dialog box. Then we could add the buttons to ignore / disable the warning for that email. We could keep the blacklist in localstorage.

Happy to help if someone wants to try tackling this!

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

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