Remove Mailspring/Snoozed

I dont want Mailspring/Snoozed folder on my mail account. How to properly remove or opt-out or disable snoozed function?

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Hey! Unfortunately there’s currently not a way to remove Mailspring’s Snoozed folder. We are looking at making it possible to move it to another location and I’ll see if we can make it optional (or at least make it so that if you delete it, it doesn’t come back.)

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Any update on this? i just installed a new MS Office and the Mailspring/Snoozed folder has appreared again in Outlook, a folder in all my email accounts! Why can you simply not delete it?!?!

indeed very annoying, don’t know why mailspring did that.

Any update for this issue? It’s 2021! 3 years! Almost 4! Do you have any workers?

And now it’s 2022. Another vote for this!

This is a joke, right? Why am I forced to have a folder I don’t use or need and am unable to remove it?

its october 2022 and still this problem exists. therefore i will never ever use mailspring!

+1 to this. I like Mailspring but the added folder/label is really annoying.

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C’mon, this can’t be this hard to accomplish!

Any news on that issue?
I’d like to have taht folder and its creation removed