RTL in bullet points

Hi there,

First off, thank you for a great product - it’s a joy to use!

Now to the issue at hand. I haven’t found an option to create bullet points with RTL content, i.e. when you add bullet points the text remains on the left (please see the screenshot attached.

BTW, this is how they do it in Outlook - a simple toggle that switches the whole message to RTL or backwards. Just a thought.

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(Originally posted by desyatnik on GitHub.)

Oh hey this is super interesting, thanks for reporting! I hadn’t thought about RTL lists. I think that this /should/ be easy to fix by doing this (https://stackoverflow.com/a/21952230). Will see what we can do!


Hey! I tried switching the app into arabic and it seems to be working, but in this language the entire UI (navigation, sidebars, etc.) is flipped RTL. What interface language / composer language are you using?


(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

Hey, thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I prefer all my interfaces to be in English, but do require to write emails in Hebrew on regular basis. So that could be the reason why I’ve stumbled upon this issue.

Any chance you could think of an RTL switch similar to Outlook?

Although I do understand that my use case is probably quite esoteric, so no pressure here.

In the meantime, I found out that copying a pre-made RTL list onto a Mailspring’s message pane works just fine as a workaround, i.e. the formatting is kept.

(Originally posted by desyatnik on GitHub.)