Save as PDF via print email command

When you “print” an email, the “Save As PDF” option becomes available. A well hidden feature. This should be possible in the menu somehow as well. Besides that, the feature is not working. If I press save as PDF, i get the dialog box, where I want to save the pdf. After choosing the path/folder and hitting save, the dialogue box disappears, but no PDF file was saved.

Hit cmd+p on macOS to print the email or get the hidden save as pdf feature. Choose any path/folder and hit save. CHeck the folder for the pdf.

Save as PDF should be in the main menu AND it should actually create / save the pdf file

Same here on Linux - there’s a “Save as PDF” button that prompts to save a file, but doesn’t actually create a PDF. Printing to PDF using the system print options works fine.

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I just formated and set up a fresh new macOS. Using only mailspring instead of mail. The save as pdf is no longer working. i guess it’s a premission issue, where mailspring can not access certain folders. If i click on save, no pdf is showing up.

Same for me, print as PDF doesn’t create any PDF.
Using mailspring 1.9.1 snap package on Debian 10.