Save as PDF via print email command

When you “print” an email, the “Save As PDF” option becomes available. A well hidden feature. This should be possible in the menu somehow as well. Besides that, the feature is not working. If I press save as PDF, i get the dialog box, where I want to save the pdf. After choosing the path/folder and hitting save, the dialogue box disappears, but no PDF file was saved.

Hit cmd+p on macOS to print the email or get the hidden save as pdf feature. Choose any path/folder and hit save. CHeck the folder for the pdf.

Save as PDF should be in the main menu AND it should actually create / save the pdf file

Same here on Linux - there’s a “Save as PDF” button that prompts to save a file, but doesn’t actually create a PDF. Printing to PDF using the system print options works fine.

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I just formated and set up a fresh new macOS. Using only mailspring instead of mail. The save as pdf is no longer working. i guess it’s a premission issue, where mailspring can not access certain folders. If i click on save, no pdf is showing up.

Same for me, print as PDF doesn’t create any PDF.
Using mailspring 1.9.1 snap package on Debian 10.

Same thing on my Windows 10.
This function doesn’t work

I had a look at this issue, and it should be fixed after the electron update on the next release.

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you fixed it. running low on screen ink now. ^^

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