Scrollbar appears even when there is not enough content to scroll


Just find it not very attractive that when you hover your mouse over the sidebar, even if there’s not enough text there to where you can scroll down, it still shows the scroll bar. I think it would look better if the scroll bar only appeared if you had enough text in your sidebar to make it scrollable.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Using an account that doesn’t have a lot of folders (not enough to make the sidebar “scrollable”), put your mouse over the sidebar
  2. Scroll bar will briefly appear then disappear

I expected the scroll bar to not appear because there’s not enough text there to make it scrollable.

Strangely, the scroll bar appears in different opacities/colors as well. This is depicted in the video. I am using the Dark theme as you can see.


  • OS and Version: macOS 10.14.6
  • Mailspring Version: 1.7.6

Additional Context

Mailspring is my favorite mail client and I’ve used them all… Tempo, Canary Mail, Edison, Airmail, Outlook, Spark, Postbox, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and so on… I’m new to Linux and although I don’t use my Linux computer for too much yet, I’m interested in it, and I like that Mailspring works there. I’m looking forward to the iOS app.

Update! : I just switched to this theme which is the best one I’ve found (forgot I was using this on Linux): mailspring-isaac-dark-theme/ at master · jpminor/mailspring-isaac-dark-theme · GitHub

Same weird scroll bar behavior happens in that theme so I think it’s an app thing. The scrollbar is less noticeable in this theme (which I usually don’t like… I love wide scrollbars that are easy to grab!).

P.S. I wish this Isaac theme was the default Dark theme. It’s great! Maybe ask the author if it can be included in Mailspring?

(Originally posted by squintgit on GitHub.)