Select all - Limited to 200 messages?

I wanted to archive all “Inbox” messages to archive them.
That folder contained a lot of messages, related to several years conversations.

I noticed that “Ctrl + A” doesn’t actually select all messages but it appears limited to 200.
I had to repeat the sequence “Ctrl + A” + Archive several times to achieve the job…

Is this behavior known? Can you confirm?
To check:

  • go in a folder with more than 200 messages, like “All Messages” folder of GMail for instance
  • press select all (for me is ctrl + a)
  • scroll down at the end of loaded messages
  • you will see other UNSELECTED messages appearing

That confirms select all function doesn’t actually select all, but may be just what is loaded from remote folder (via IMAP I would say).

Wouldn’t be better if “Select All” function really does a full unlimited selection of all messages within the current folder?

Thanks in advance for replies!

I can confirm I see the same behavior on my clients. I haven’t noticed this before myself, but I’ve never attempted to perform a large function like this on individually-selected messages. I looked back through the old issues forum and found many references to this 200-limit during Select-All operations, but no answer from the devs as to why the limit exists or why it hasn’t been removed.

I also discovered that I can Shift-select more than 200 messages and that seems to work fine, but I didn’t look for an upper-limit of how many I can select in that fashion.