Select multiple folders with ctrl-click

Gmail implements ‘labels’ to organise emails, and multiple labels can be applied to each message. When accessing Gmail through IMAP, these labels are accessible as IMAP folders. Mailspring calls them ‘Labels’ in the left-hand pane, and they can be accessed one at a time, like folders. I’d like to propose that ctrl-clicking multiple labels will apply an ‘AND’ filter to emails with the selected labels, so I can easily select emails labelled, for example, both ‘Work’ and ‘To do’. I hope this wouldn’t be too complicated to implement and would be hugely useful.

I’ve searched high and low for a client that implements labels this way, and have not found a single one that does. However, Evernote uses labels (it calls them ‘tags’) for sorting notes, and the result is very powerful and user friendly.

(Originally posted by paulr4 on GitHub.)

Hey! You can actually do this now in Mailspring using search - if you type in:A AND in:B , it’ll show only threads with both those labels. Doing it via multiple selection would be cool though.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

This is a suggestion I made 3 years ago on Github and I just heard it’s been moved to a new location. For what it’s worth I’d still really like to see this implemented.

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