Send from Any Account

One of the only things keeping me on Evolution is the ability to forward or reply to emails sent to one account from another; although incredibly niche, that function is a deal-breaker for me.

Sadly, I know very little about coding and have absolutely no idea how difficult or easy that would be.

Additionally, I’ve been able to rig everything to work through DavMail, although I’d love to see native EWS support.

This is a truly beautiful client…

Yes, this perpetually annoys me about Mailspring: I often want to reply to an email from a different account (e.g. someone emailing me on my personal address when I want them to use an organisational one).

He's Right You Know

Worth saying, too, that most mail clients I’ve used in the past have allowed me to do this. Mailspring is unusual in being so tightly locked to a particular account for replying to emails. (And, indeed, being able to move an email into a folder within a different account - again, commonly supported in other mail clients but impossible without an explicit Forward in Mailspring.)

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