Sent mail stuck in Draft folder


It’s a random issue and it does not seem related to the IMAP provider: I have several email accounts, all of them are mapped on IMAP. Every time I send an email I have to double check the Draft folder as more often than I’d like to say, my emails are stuck there until I open the email from the Draft folder and hit Send again.
This happens with my Google account, GSuite account and other accounts I am not sure you are bothered with (I’m in italy and use a certified email protocol called PEC for communication with my town/services/gov services).
The issue happens a lot more often when my email has attachments (usually pdf), but that’s the only thing I can notice

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Expected Behavior

My email shouldn’t stick in the Draft folder



  • OS and Version:
    XUbuntu 20.04
    • Installation Method:
  • Mailspring Version:
    mailspring 1.10.3 517 latest/stable foundry376✓ -

Additional Context