Settings Select/Switch Email Account when forwarding/answering email

Currently i cannot change the account FROM with the email is send by when i forward or answer an email. it is always selecting the account the email was initially retrieved. That is unfornately a showstopper, as you especially want to forward emails from another email maybe than the one it was send to (e.g. different private and business email accounts)

Does this feature exist in another mail client or tool you use?

Postbox, Outlook, i think everyone supports that

(Originally posted by eikaramba on GitHub.)

Hey folks! Thanks for reporting this, this is great feedback. I think that we’ve put off doing this in the past because when you change the account you’re replying from, it results in the new message being placed in a separate email thread (it “breaks” the current conversation), but in scenarios where you actually want to move the conversation to another account that’s probably fine. I’ll see if we can do this in an upcoming release soon.

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Yeah I have a half dozen email accounts. I commonly need to forward receipts to expensify with the sender being a certain account.

I always jump to Outlook to do that one task – usually on my phone.

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I strongly support this request. I regularly have to forward information to a mailinglist and I have to use a different account that is registered with the list.

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replying here. this issue is for sure a bigger problem for anyone having multiple email adresses.