Setup Auto Reply

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Mailspring for about 6 months now, very happy about the fluidity and how the app goes (except a regular visual bug that keeps switching to a blank page but anyway)
I am having issues setting up an autoreply… This might sound crazy, but I’ve gone through all options, browsed this community several times and the issue doesn’t seem to have been addressed before.

So maybe it’s just me, but how do you guys do when you want to set up an automatic response when you’re away for a few days?

I’ve tried looking in the automatic messages setup, but autoreply isn’t an option, it doesn’t seem to be in the Mailspring Pro either, so I’m quite stuck here…

Many thanks for your help!

The funniest thing it’s not even the option in case of PRO (paid) version too. So - XXI century PRO email client without such a crucial option? Joke or bad dream… :confused: