Show unread count / badge in the Windows 10 dock

The unread email count badge does not seem to work in Windows 10 (turned on in Preferences > General > Notifications > Show badge on the app icon → “Show unread count”). Tried to change the preferences and quit/relaunch Mailspring multiple times to no result. Is this supposed to work in Windows 10? The default Mail app has working badge.


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Hey! That option is actually just for macOS, but I’ll see if we can make this work on Windows 10. We might need to see if we can get support added to Electron.

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Another windows 10 user here, this option would be amazing.

Looks like the unread count badge is now displayed on the taskbar icon (for me on Windows 11 at least) with the recent update, which is great, but I actually have the opposite request: is there any way for me to turn it off? It’s kinda useless for me since it always shows 99+ with my inbox being the way it is, but I don’t want to disable it system-wide since I do like badges for other apps.