Show "You" in senders of other associated email addresses


I am having an issue that evolves as follows:

As a family, we have one email address that is common, everybody has access to it. However, only my husband uses it to send messages. Now, every time he sends an email from this email address to my regular email, the sender appears as “You”, even though I haven’t sent anything. This is confusing, and as I have 8 different email addresses to monitor, quite time consuming.
Can I change this, so the display name for said email address appears in the header of the email?
Thank you.


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Can you please provide a screenshot of how it looks and a good description, what you would expect? I assume, you would like to see the full e-mail address instead of the “You”?
Is this “shared e-mail” configured as a normal e-mail account inside Mailspring?

Hello Phylu,

Thank you for the quick reply. I really appreciate this email client. I have only used it for a few days, but I would like to stick with it as I enjoy the simple design paired with the fact that thus far, it just seems to really work. So, thank you.

Find attached two screenshots. For privacy reasons I’ve blurred out all the content and changed the email addresses. You will see, in the list of my inbox, the listed participants of the email are displayed as “You…”, which is weird, but I could live with that (instead I would prefer to see the names or email addresses of the participants). But in the reading panel, when the message is opened, the sender of the email is still displayed as “You”, (I am looking at the inbox of the receiving email address, btw). Instead, I would prefer if it was the full name or email address, of the sending email address. Once I click on the email header, it specifies from what email it was sent, and it was indeed not sent by “you”, but by the shared family email.

Thanks again.

This seems an easy fix. I will tackle it here:

For now, I will adjust this in the mail view (right part of the screen), but not in the list of displayed e-mails as this will clutter the list too much.

I hope, this is a good fix for now.

Sounds good. Instead of listing the email addresses, putting the first or display name of the sending email could also work. Or, if it’s a group email, indicate that by displaying “Group: name1, name2, na…”

Thank you for taking the time.

My implementation has been added to the latest version. I hope this suits you.