Sick of Thunderbird issue, Tried you out, went back. Feedback

I just wanted to provide some feedback on your app in hopes that it will help you imporove as I see some potential here and will swing back around next year to see where you’re at with it. Thunderbird is a hot mess so I’m definitely in the market for a replacement.

  1. Read pane horizontal layout, the reading pane does not scroll down far enough to display the bottom of the email area, there is a button that was rendering half off screen and there was no way to scroll down to fully bottom out on the message.

  2. Same layout, I prefer to have my new messages at the bottom of the list however I was unable to find any setting that would allow me to change this behavior. Furthermore, there does not appear to be column headers that you should be able to click in order to sort the mail list by a specific column. This is a pretty useful feature in thunderbird that I would have missed. Also related to this, ideally you should be able to customize what columns are displayed in the email list.

  3. Virus handling appears to be poorly integrated. One of my “junk” messages had a file attachment that windows defender was flagging as a severe threat and was removing it. Apparently mailspring did not undersstand this because it kept putting the file back every time defender would remove it. This turned out to be an endless loop of defender constantly notifying me of the the threat and removing it and your software putting it back. You really need to integrate directly with the system antivirus software so that you can determine if a file is a threat before you save it to the file system so this type of non-sense does not go on.

#3 was the real deal breaker, along with not having calendar support in the release version (I know its in beta but that was posted last Jan and slated for “this year” and here we are in 2022 with still no release channel calendar support.

Good luck, it seems like you have a decent product here, but I would like to see more list features as described, better virus handling and a working calendar.

Regarding the calendar, I hope it will integrate with google calendar by default or its basically a non-starter for me & many others if not. Please keep that in mind.