Single-column message list?

I have installed Mailspring, but the message list appears in three columns (author, title, date) rather than a single column like on official screenshots. I haven’t found an option to switch it to single-column mode. Is there a way to do that?

Edit: It seems the layout changes automatically based on window width, but I would like to switch unconditionally.

Mailspring seems to choose the layout automatically depending on the width of the message list pane. You can change the relative width of the various parts of the window (sidebar, message list and message viewer) by dragging the divider with your mouse pointer. It changes to a double-headed arrow to indicate when you’re over the draggable divider. (You may want to choose the “Two panel” display mode in the Appearance preferences - the other modes probably need the window as a whole to be too small for this to work!)

I use this myself to make sure the display mode’s the version I prefer and agree that it’d be nice to be able to choose it explicitly but hopefully the above will let you get Mailspring displaying things as you’d like for now!

Thanks! I reduced the width of the message list, and it switched to single-column mode.