Smart prediction of destination folder when moving messages

The Problem

When filing messages in folders, it would be useful for Mailspring to suggest the most likely folder(s) based on the message content.
This could work in a similar way to the Mailhub plugin for OS X Mail.

Proposed Solution

when selecting the “Move to” menu, the first results (3 would be sufficient) would display the predicted folders that best match the message content. This prediction would be based on two data sets:

  1. indexed message statistics
  2. previous actions of moving messages


Mailhub allows using a key combination to bring up a contextual menu of folders for filing a message (or group of selected messages). The program keeps an index of matches and does a good job of predicting where messages should be filed based on content. This saves a lot of time for users who file their messages.

Possible Extension

To make this feature even better, it could be possible to add a tag in the folder mail list view with the suggested filing location for each mail. Then the user could just click on the tag if they are happy with the filing location suggested (this would reduce the steps even further in moving messages to their appropriate folders).

(Originally posted by zeigerpuppy on GitHub.)