Some Email accounts disappeared

Hi everyone !
I’ve installed Mailspring few days ago and add four different email accounts. Everything was working fine until this morning. When I look a the left panel I only see two accounts now, the two first added. When I go into the software preferences, I can see that all accounts are still there, and when I receive a new mail on the disappeared accounts, I’ve got notification therefor I can click on it to see the mails. But besides this tricky solution, I still can see the two missing accounts on the left panel.

Has anyone experienced the same behaviour ?
Thanks in advance !

In the left sidebar, where the mail folders are listed, do you see “All accounts” at the top? You may have inadvertently deselected the others there.

Yes, “all accounts” is there : / How is it possible to deselect account in order for them not be be shown ?

There’s a dropdown menu next to that label, in which you can select accounts to be shown. But that (I think) just picks one account, not two, so I don’t really know what’s causing your problem, I’m afraid.

It seems to be the same has mentionned here :

It says there’s a workaround by doing :

The workaround I found is to go to the “Windows” option at the menu and click again on the already selected “All accounts” option. Only then all the accounts are shown again.

But I can’t find this option on linux : /

You must have these options in your horizontal menu (the one that any app has):

  • File
  • Edit
  • View
  • Thread
  • Developer
  • Window
  • Help

You don’t have the “Window” option? In there you’ll find the “All accounts” option.

It’s not there on my version : /

I see. The dropdown is truncated exactly there. The option should be visible right after “Contacts”.

Maybe a translation bug then? Consider reporting that as bug.

I switch the interface in english and it was there ! Ok, so this trick will do for now, but I hope the account bug will be resolved : /

As @raenk said, it’d be worth reporting this as an internationalisation / translation bug, too.

Yep ! No problems I’ll do it ; )

Also precision if another french person has the same problem, if you can’t reach the “All accounts” button you can still press CTRL+1 to active the same function even with the french interface.