Accounts added, not showing all at startup


I have 6 accounts correctly configured. However, at startup, Mailspring shows only some of them.

When I added the first 3, Mailspring showed only 2, now with 6, it shows 3. This happens with the “Inbox” accounts subfolders at the “All accounts” section and below where all accounts are displayed individually with their folders. All this at the sidebar menu (left).

All the accounts are shown correctly anywhere else.

The workaround I found is to go to the “Windows” option at the menu and click again on the already selected “All accounts” option. Only then all the accounts are shown again.

Not sure if this helps, but the accounts are from GMail and Zoho.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Add more than 2 accounts (I guess)
  2. Close the APP
  3. Start the APP
  4. See the results

Expected Behavior

Show all account at all times as the selected “All accounts” at the “Windows” menu option implies.



  • OS and Version: Solus Linux (It’s a rolling distro, so… I’m sorry, but is the latest)
  • Installation Method: Solus repo (eopkg package manager)
  • Mailspring Version: 1.9.1-30ef802f

Additional Context

Odd. I use Linux also, although not Solus, and don’t see the same problem. Is it always the same accounts that don’t show up? And is it the GMail or Zoho accounts that are affected, or some of each?

Well, yes, they are the same accounts, but it seems just to be the last accounts and those are mixed (GMail and Zoho). No pattern there.

The funny thing is that there’s no hard limit. I mean, when I had 3, it showed 2. Now with 6, shows 3.

So, it seems that it only wants to parse certain amount in the view (sidebar) by default and that’s it. Sort of “lack of space”. Not something related with the accounts.

Same issue here: first 2 accounts are showing up as expected, but the 3rd one does not appear anywhere but in the Preferences -> Accounts page.

Version: 1.9.1-30ef802f
OS: Windows 10

P.S. The workaround in the OP solves the issue, but it still needs to be addressed.

Same here. It’s not reproducible by restarting, but happens every day:

Mailspring shows only a few accounts even if more are setup. The only way to make all reappear is to click the little chevron and choose “All accounts”