Speech to Text Plugin, need some pointers

Hi @all,

I’d like to invest some time developing a speech to text plugin for mailspring. I already did so for Chrome (I use it every day, it saves a ton of time), now I’d like to bring it to Mailspring. This is about me not wanting to type emails but rather speaking into my mic and having the Google speech API transcribe to text. Mailspring is the last of my applications that I can’t use this way and it’s a pain in the ass :wink:

I did see the starter repo for plugins and also the plugin SDK documentation. Could you provide me a pointer to which SDK function I need to

  • register a shortcut
  • put text in the mail composer content box
    ? That would be awesome. I’d like to get a POC going within the next weeks if you can help me with some of the basics.

Best regards