Spell Check not Working

I did some debugging and it seems that we are affected by this Electron bug: [Bug]: Renderer spellcheck API does not work on Windows · Issue #28684 · electron/electron · GitHub

As a workaround, you may try to set the spellcheck to a different flavour than your system language. E.g. when your system is configured to use “en-US” as a language and provides its dictionary, then “en-GB” might work.

I will monitor the issue and hope that a solution is possible in the future. For now, there is not much that we can do on the side of Mailspring.


Thanks for this reply. It doesn’t solve the problem, but it gives hope that you will eventually fix it. This is the main blocker against the decision to go for the paid version (although the price is also a bit too high, $5 would be a reasonable barrier - for example, the whole Google Workspace costs $6/month) . Maybe some kind of -50% promo on BFCM? I would jump into the annual package hoping that you will soon fix the bug with the lack of language correction.

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Let’s hope so. Unfortunately the bug on the electron side is 3 years old, so I would not expect a solution to appear very quickly.

I will monitor it and keep you updated if there is any progress.

Also, this is only a Windows issue, so if you want to try Linux as an OS, you would get rid of the bug. :wink:

Thanks for the quick answer :+1:
I know Linux is a good system, but it is not possible and is not the solution in my case.

I read the link you posted in the previous message: [Bug]: Renderer spellcheck API does not work on Windows · Issue #28684 · electron/electron · GitHub
Thanks for that. Too bad they didn’t fix it :frowning:

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An idea - maybe there is a chance to make a plugin for Mailspring that would use LanguageTool API documentation ?
I’m not a programmer, so I have no idea if it is or isn’t possible to create a spell checker plugin :expressionless:
However, I have seen the obsidian.md plugin, so I assume it is possible.

PS I see topic about here: Language Tool Addon
But silence.

Really one of best email clients, which I tested, but this issue is making me step of uninstall it and forgot. How to pay for soft without this basic function?

However, I hope that this can somehow be fixed soon.

This does seem to work on Windows 10. I have my system set to use “en-US” and when going into mailspring preferences and setting my spellcheck language to use “en-United Kingdom” the spellcheck then seems to function properly.

I am running version 1.13.1-59cb1b1d

Hopefully, this bug can get fixed soon but it doesn’t seem likely. Thank you for the temporary workaround though.

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Years gone… and still no fix. No chance to buy this solution. I will get eMclient…

It really is a shame this still does not work. But… from the last comment from [Bug]: Renderer spellcheck API does not work on Windows · Issue #28684 · electron/electron · GitHub it looks like this does not work for languages that are set in Windows’ settings->Time & language → Language & region → preferred languages.
Workaround (not ideal) for keeping both rich text and spellcheck in English: use different region, e.g. if you have English (United Kingdom) set in windows settings, set English (United States) in Mailspring settings.
Words like “colour” or “centre”, etc, will get highlighted, but that I can live with that.