Spellcheck isn't working


Spell check is not working, even after trying the various troubleshooting options provided in these forums and github. I’ve checked the Windows settings and still it doesn’t work for me.

To Reproduce…

Composing or replying to any email. Misspell any item and it isn’t caught or marked.

Expected Behavior

Incorrectly spelled items are underlined or autocorrected.



  • OS and Version: Windows 11
    • Installation Method: Installer
  • Mailspring Version: 1.10.3

Additional Context

Same issue here. Very frustrating.

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Mailspring was such a great client, but the bugs not getting addressed make it hard to continue to use.

100% agree. Very close to just moving to thunderbird fully.

Same here! Not working in automatic, Portuguese or English.
Windows 11
Mailspring 1.10.3