Spellcheck not working in Linux

Spellcheck doesn’t work in my Linux environment (Using Fedora 38). I purchased the pro license because I thought that was a feature locked out to the free version, but still the app doesn’t have spellcheck working.
Please help.

  • OS and Version: <Fedora Linux 38>
    • Installation Method: <.rpm download from mailspring website>
  • Mailspring Version: 1.11.0>

You should first check to make sure the Setting is turned on and configured. If you go to Preferences, on the General Tab, you should see an option on the right-side-middle (under the Composing section) that says, “Check messages for spelling

Ensure that option is checked. Then make sure you have the appropriate language selected in the Spellcheck Language drop-box below it (since you’re using Linux).

I’ve got mailspring-bin1.11.0-1 (from AUR).

I never paid attention to spellcheck (I’m British - so I can spell)

I did notice that it wasn’t working with the default ‘System Language’.

When I switched it to English (United Kingdom) and it worked… so probably just try selecting something from the dropdown and it’ll be good.