Still Can't add more email accounts

For months I’ve been trying to add more accounts to my Mailspring email client & I keep getting this message. I am a Pro subscriber & have the latest version of Mailspring installed.

Pls someone help & finally address this.

Did you read the Article in the Popup?

@JimmyLaslo I am sorry to hear that.

How many accounts have you registered in Mailspring? There is a limit based on how Windows handles secrets.

There may be additional information in the UI Logs. Can you please check and provide them here?

  1. Go to “Developer” > “Toggle Developer Tools”
  2. Chose the “Console” tab
  3. Press “Clear Console” (Ctrl + L)
  4. Reproduce the Issue
  5. Do a right click inside the console and click “Save as”
  6. Clear any personal information from the debug file that you now have created
  7. Attach the file here

I have only 3 accounts. On my previous computer running Windows 10 I had 5 accounts without any problem. My new computer is running Windows 11 and this is where I have encountered the problem.

Thank you for response. I have looked & since I only have 3 accounts added I seriously doubt I have reached the limit. I have emailed the address & unfortunately have never gotten a response.

In my case i had this Message too after a big manjaro Update and after i read and Response to this Post. I had to start the keystorage from KDE Plasma.

I hv same issue can’t add more than 2 O365 or gmail accounts, listed the issue 3 months back bu to no avail

What operating system are you using?

I use manjaro Linux kde Plasma

Thank you, I don’t believe KDE is available for Windows.

yes thats right, but you can use some usefull applications