Still Can't add more email accounts

For months I’ve been trying to add more accounts to my Mailspring email client & I keep getting this message. I am a Pro subscriber & have the latest version of Mailspring installed.

Pls someone help & finally address this.

Did you read the Article in the Popup?

@JimmyLaslo I am sorry to hear that.

How many accounts have you registered in Mailspring? There is a limit based on how Windows handles secrets.

There may be additional information in the UI Logs. Can you please check and provide them here?

  1. Go to “Developer” > “Toggle Developer Tools”
  2. Chose the “Console” tab
  3. Press “Clear Console” (Ctrl + L)
  4. Reproduce the Issue
  5. Do a right click inside the console and click “Save as”
  6. Clear any personal information from the debug file that you now have created
  7. Attach the file here

I have only 3 accounts. On my previous computer running Windows 10 I had 5 accounts without any problem. My new computer is running Windows 11 and this is where I have encountered the problem.

Thank you for response. I have looked & since I only have 3 accounts added I seriously doubt I have reached the limit. I have emailed the address & unfortunately have never gotten a response.

In my case i had this Message too after a big manjaro Update and after i read and Response to this Post. I had to start the keystorage from KDE Plasma.

I hv same issue can’t add more than 2 O365 or gmail accounts, listed the issue 3 months back bu to no avail

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What operating system are you using?

I use manjaro Linux kde Plasma

Thank you, I don’t believe KDE is available for Windows.

yes thats right, but you can use some usefull applications

aidez moi je n’arive toujours pas a rajouter d’autre boite mail le meme rapport d’erreure impossible d’enregistrer votre mot de pass aidez moi

c’est quoi le KDE
je suis debutante et je viens d’installer mailspring

Hi all. I have multiple accounts connected to my Mailspring Professional instance.

1 - iCloud
1 - Fastmail
1 - Gmail Regular
1 - Google Workspace
1 - Fastmail
1 - MS 365

I am running latest version of Mailspring on Mac OS X.

I do not have anything of the authentication issues mentioned above.

As of this moment, I have only tested on Mac OS X. I am setting a Windows and Linux environments to test these issues as well.

Im going to try and work through other environments shortly.


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I’m on win 11 and can’t add more than 2 O365 accounts.
I’m based in India and unable to make payment for pro as additional verification is required for cards in India that get declined by stripe. kindly resolve.

It’s really bad that this problem still has not been fixed.

Any luck trying on Windows yet?

Using Win 11, and the issue is pending over 6 months now